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Back-to-School with Mindfulness


As we begin a new school year, there is without a doubt, a lot on your minds. A new school year brings on a flood of emotion, from stress and anxiety, to anticipation and excitement. Saying goodbye to long summer days with relaxed schedules can be difficult

Wellity Education understands that transitions can be hard, and we are here to offer a friendly reminder to take a deep breath. This year will be filled with many emotions, and mindfulness can help. 

For all of us, practicing mindfulness will look different. For some, it might look like a little more silence, or a little more slowing down. For others, it might look like incorporating more movement, or focused attention into our daily schedules.

Here are three ways to introduce mindfulness to support students’ transition to a new school year.

In School

Incorporate mindful messages into your routines as you start the new school year. These messages will provide students helpful mindset shifts that will support students throughout the year. They are also great icebreakers for students to discuss. 

Invite students to participate in mindful games. These games help students build connection and safety. They are also joyful ways to begin the first six weeks of school.

At Home

Send home mindful sleep supports to promote healthy sleep during the back-to-school transition.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindful Messages

Use the mindful messages to greet students and set a mindset of mindfulness for the school year.

Mindful Games

Build community with your students during the first six weeks of school using mindful games.

Mindful Bedtime Routine

Establish a calm, connected, and consistent bedtime routine to support healthy sleep during the back-to-school transition.