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Cultivating Loving-Kindness in the Classroom

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Valentine’s Day naturally turns our attention to expressions of love and kindness. At Wellity, we’re celebrating the incredible love and kindness that you bring to your classrooms, your students, and your communities every day

One way to demonstrate love and kindness is through the practice of loving-kindness meditation. This meditation invites us to evoke warm-hearted well-wishes towards ourselves and others by reciting the simple, yet powerful, phrase . . .

May I (or you) be happy, healthy, safe, and at peace.

We welcome you to find a comfortable place to sit or lay and follow along with a guided Loving-Kindness meditation from advanced meditation teacher, Erica Fullen.

In the hectic pace of the school day, it is easy to forget to extend kindness towards ourselves and others. Here are some ways you can weave loving-kindness into your busy day:

Loving-Kindness for Yourself

Every time you cross the threshold of your classroom or office, put your right hand on your heart, perhaps close your eyes for a moment, and repeat to yourself: May I be happy, healthy, safe, and at peace. Try it out for one week and notice any shifts that result from giving yourself regular well-wishes.

Loving-Kindness for Others

Print several copies of the Loving-Kindness note below and write notes of warmth to others. Set yourself a goal to give a handwritten note to a student, family, colleague, and/or loved one once a day for a week. Notice the impact of sending your well-wishes to others.

Taking a moment each day to practice loving-kindness can cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion and resilience. Remember that your mindfulness practice is a journey, and Wellity Education is walking beside you – cheering you on. Thank you for being the heart of education.