Youth Yoga Project is now Wellity Education!

Make Gratitude a Regular Routine


Dear Community, 

As we prepare for Thanksgiving break, for many classrooms, this is a time to focus on gratitude. After all, giving thanks is in the name of the holiday. At Wellity Education, our mindfulness curriculum helps students think of the people, animals, places and things they are thankful for. To help students make gratitude a part of their regular routine, consider the following tips: 

  • Create weekly prompts asking kids what they are grateful for
  • Encourage thankfulness by giving thumbs up, cheers, or smiles to show appreciation 
  • Invite students to use the Wellity Education Gratitude Journal to write, draw, or talk about what they are thankful for

Wellity Education is grateful to all of you. Our community is full of big hearted educators who teach mindfulness and yoga in fun, creative ways. Thank you for committing to your wellness, and the well-being of future generations. Please email us at with any feedback, suggestions, or questions. 

With care, 
Wellity Education