Youth Yoga Project is now Wellity Education!

Making Waves: Wellity Takes The Spotlight!


Wellity is Making Headlines!

Wellity and Westerville City Schools are in the news! Yoga and mindfulness are changing students’ lives.

In a recent article published by Ivanhoe Broadcast News, the amazing partnership between Wellity Education and Westerville City Schools was highlighted, showcasing the incredible work we’ve done together over the past five years. Working together, we’re truly creating positive change in the district and entire education community!

How do simple changes make a big impact?

Students at Westerville City Schools calm down with breathing tools. By changing the way they breathe, they are changing the way they feel.

“It helps your muscles and makes your brain more calm.”

– Michael Sommerville, age 10

Students and educators who use yoga tools experience reduced stress, increased positive behaviors, and improved well-being.