Youth Yoga Project is now Wellity Education!

New Year, New Intentions


The new year also offers the opportunity to make new commitments. We invite you to make mindful goals with your students, and commit to practicing mindfulness as a community. Here are two fun ways to help you get started! 

Intention Stones: This January, create an intention stone as a visual reminder of your hopes and goals for this year. Pick it up throughout your day and take deep breaths as you feel the weight and texture of the stone in your hand. Use it as an anchor during moments of overwhelm and to ground yourself during transitions. Students of all ages love this activity!

Hopes and Dreams Flag: Create a hopes and dreams flag with your students to set the tone for a mindful second semester. Hang the flag in your classroom and encourage students to take deep breaths as they look at the flag and connect to their bigger purpose.

Remember that incorporating mindfulness into your daily routines is a journey, and Wellity Education is walking beside you. Wishing you an intentional and aligned 2024.