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The Power of Belonging

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We know that, for better or for worse, technology is continuing to evolve. While it can make parts of our everyday life easier, it also can cause a great deal of anxiety and lead to more isolation. We have created resources to help students understand how to make social connections in school.

This resource, “The Power of Belonging” is filled with activities that help students know each other well. It is important to clarify that when we talk about “belonging,” we are not talking about “fitting in” — students’ individuality and uniqueness should always be valued. Belonging in the classroom means ensuring that all students feel welcomed, comfortable, and part of the school community.

To do that, we welcome you to consider doing these simple, but powerful things to help students build community.

Help kids learn each other’s names.

When students use each other’s name, it is communicating to everyone that they are important. Their uniqueness is valued.

Create opportunities to have fun as a group.

Give students the opportunity to make positive connections through supportive relationships. When students have fun together, they are given the opportunity to connect and build bonds with each other.

Solve problems together.

Give students the opportunity to work with many different people to help solve a common problem. When given the chance to collaborate, you are creating the opportunity for each person to feel included and valued.